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Claim The Victory

I was struck by this image on my Instagram timeline this morning. In particular, the wording used to describe Our Ancestors is intensely diabolical & triggering. I could taste the nefarious plans that the author & his intended audience had in store for Our Ancestors. But what held me captive as I relived this auction block moment was our unabashed AUDACITY! Yessah! We transmuted a moment in which we were supposed to believe we were chattel. In these very moments we were whispering to Our Gods, ingesting our herbs & roots & creating the very future that we live in today! These same humans, auction block goods became doctors, senators, university founders, anthroplogists AND MORE. In this reality I find the ultimate inspiration & I see the unerring potency of our Magick. And I am reminded of the truth that nothing & no one can stop us. We walk with the very Forces of Nature in our blood & sinew & we are simply unable to be defeated. And so I claim my victory over this system in the unknown names of those who stood on the auction block on my behalf & I urge you to do the same 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 …ecstasy, abundance & bliss

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