Claim The Victory

I was struck by this image on my Instagram timeline this morning. In particular, the wording used to describe Our Ancestors is intensely diabolical & triggering. I could taste the nefarious plans that the author & his intended audience had in store for Our Ancestors. But what held me captive as I relived this auction block moment was our unabashed AUDACITY! Yessah! We transmuted a moment in which we were supposed to believe we were chattel. In these very moments we were whispering to Our Gods, ingesting our herbs & roots & creating the very future that we live in today! These same humans, auction block goods became doctors, senators, university founders, anthroplogists AND MORE. In this reality I find the ultimate inspiration & I see the unerring potency of our Magick. And I am reminded of the truth that nothing & no one can stop us. We walk with the very Forces of Nature in our blood & sinew & we are simply unable to be defeated. And so I claim my victory over this system in the unknown names of those who stood on the auction block on my behalf & I urge you to do the same 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 …ecstasy, abundance & bliss

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Tonight’s livestream is not sold out. Purchase it on the classes page. I’m not sure why it’s still showing sold out

Here is the URL you will need to enter the livestream. Use the password that was sent to you after you paid for the class. It was the response email after your payment.

Our inaugural Witchy Wednesday event has been added to the site!!! At 7pm tomorrow night our password-protected livestream discussion will begin!!! I have created a safe space for us to gather, to sha

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