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Fuck Algorithms & Their Limitations

It’s occurred to me over the past couple of years that social media has become more & more hungry. Its like a never satiated beast that I must placate with all of my attention, my time & my energy if I want to continue to have a relationship with y’all. By y’all I mean, the people who love me & who hear & feel & are healed by my message. And frankly, I’m resentful because I want my own time, my own attention & my own energy. I want to use those parts of myself in service of me. I do not & cannot sacrifice them to a monster that keeps growing & morphing & devouring more with each passing second. So...being the hard headed non conformist bitch that I am, I’ve decided to say them nay. Fuck them, I ain’t doing that & aint spending all my time & energy in a space that literally limits who can see my posts because they contain the words Black & woman. (Facebook & Instagram told me this when I tried to run the ads that I pay for on their platforms) So I propose that we create community here, in this space that I own. That we make this the place where we gather & comment & congregate. No algorithms, no shadow banning, JUST MUTHAFUCKIN VIBES. This gone be the place where I make my one or two irreverent posts every day & this gone be where y’all can see them & we can discuss them. I ain’t finna be running back & forth between apps till my head hurts. Let’s come together over here & get back to being “thriving, in abundance & limitless” 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤…ecstasy, abundance & bliss

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