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Nothing is “Universal”

The belief that there is one way of living, one way of eating, one way of loving, one way of being is the root of settler colonialism. Each ethnic group on EarthMotherOnile has their own cultural values, their own proper diet, their own courtship & partnering principles, their own gender definitions & gender performing realities. Jung spoke of archetypes & afterwards the world decided the billions of people had the same types of gods & beliefs. Jung was just another rich white man pontificating from his position of privilege. He knew nothing of the world because he was only a part of his own world. Nothing is universal, not god, not archetypes, not the so called divine masculine & feminine…not mothering , not even birthing. Our cultures are diverse & myriad (varied) , do not attribute universality to us or anything that comes from us. The universe rewards diversity & destroys homogeneity. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

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Powerful truth that my divinely aligned ancestors have taught me as our relationship grows. So many people can’t accept this because they struggle to trust themselves—so they need someone/something outside of tell them what/how to do even when it doesn’t feel natural! We’re all unique individuals for a reason and what is required of me to fulfill my divine destiny may not be required of anybody else and vice versa. It’s a walk that ain’t for the faint at heart but is so rewarding.


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