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Our Ancestral Mothers The True Bad & Bougie

I woke up this morning with my mind stayed on Our Ancestral Mothers. As I reflected on Their power, Their efficacy, Their Care & consideration for us all, I was also reminded of exactly who & what a woman of African descent is. And that’s when the coral crowns came to mind. In the old Benin empire (home of the Anago) the most prized natural resource was red coral, sacred to Olokun, it carried the ASE of wealth & status.

The picture of the carving at the beginning of this blog is the Queen Mother of Benin, her coral extending from her collar bone to her chin. Giving new meaning to “came through drippin”. The other pictures are of modern Benin brides draped in red coral from head to toe.

I post these as a reminder that jaw dropping luxury is our default as African women. We expect & are drawn to nothing less than the absolute best. Many times we are chided for being too ambitious, too focused on success & our careers & our money…so I placed the reminders here so that we can remember from whence we come & understand that internal push we have to realize our highest potential.

Society will try to convince us that bad & bougie is only the purview of mulattas who chase rich men , I posted these pics to shatter that illusion. We always been the baddest & the bougiest…fuck Whatchu heard .

Lean in to your highest self, your best self, your most petted, pampered & adored self …it’s your birthright


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