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Power is You

In Anago culture the power to make things happen is Ase. We hear it so often these days that the full impact of its meaning is not usually felt. Let’s talk about it a lil bit & how it relates to us as Black women & femmes in this space. Etymologically ASE is related to aje & also to ise. Aje is the term for the spiritual power of blood & is often used to refer to blood itself. As such, aje is also the term for ‘witches’ or women of power. A power closely related to blood. Ise is the term for divine work. I specify divine work here, because ise does not refer to mindless tasks done for mone. ise is the act of interacting with earthmotheronile or other aspects of the universe to pull your destiny to you. Ase is the mysterious ability to make life manifest. To pull reality from the spirit realm to the physical realm. ASE is how we make thoughts & desires into reality. Most importantly for us though, is the fact that when a woman is bleeding it is called being ‘in ASE’ . Let that sink in. While bleeding you are literally in the state of drawing reality from the ethers!!! you are power!!! all by yourself with no additions or subtractions. The image that I placed at the beginning of this blog is abiyamo, it is the position in which Anago women give birth & therefore is understood to be the consumate position of power. a woman is limitless when she assumes this pose. I will be offering mugs & throw pillows with this copyrighted image very soo.

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