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Pray With Your Feet

One of the problematic features of practicing African spirituality is that it’s magickal. Now, don’t me wrong, the Magick itself is not bad. It is that people allow Hollywood to define what magick means. because of countless films & TV shows where people twinkle their nose or wave a wand & the desires Of their heart appear, many believe that after a ritual or reading or offering they can just sit & wait for things to appear, or for their lives to improve. But…you gotta pray witcho feet. You gotta get up & move & act on your desires. You gotta make sure that you are reaching towards your goals each & every day with your own two hands. It’s ridiculous to ask the orisha , or your Iyalosa, or your ancestors to something for you that you’re not willing to do for yourself

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Me to myself yesterday as I’m navigating moving back to my mama’s house and what that means for my own practices (spiritual, self-care, everythang). I gotta make shit shake if I wanna get out of here. Top two things that I did yesterday towards that goal: made an offering and prayed and bought good ass groceries because emo eating and ordering out gotta stop.

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I’m praying with my feet to sis. I found a 52 weeks saving plan that’s comfortable for my budget, started using coupons. I’m eliminating all that eating out too. I’m not going to leave my children with my financial debt.


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