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Release Your Monstrous Self

Momma Ntozake said "Ever since I realized, there was someone called a colored girl or an evil woman, a bitch or a nag I been trying not to be that and leave bitterness in somebody else's cup."

And she found out she was wrong. If bitter is how you feel you gotta be that to get free. If evil is what's burning through your veins you got to wallow in it for your own safety. If bitching & nagging is what is on your heart, it's in your own personal best interest to indulge them, give them a voice & a platform as opposed to wrenching them out of your soul in pursuit of fake sweetness & performed contentment.

It's the monster we truly are that gnaws through our chains. It's the devil that lurks in our souls that devours our abusers. It's the succubus dwelling in every molecule of our inner parts that grants us the most heartfelt sighs of ecstasy.

As long as you scared of, ashamed of and spend every waking moment hiding the truest parts of yourself you will be a slave to whatever role society deems you fit for-mammy, mule, breeder. It's only your own head, the deepest darkest realest you, who wants to see you relieved of your burden & free, happy & fulfilled.

Release the GATDAMN kraken & quit playin witcho own self!

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