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Suuru Ni Baba Wa

Suuru ni baba wa. Patience, coolness, calmness is the father of gentle character. In my opinion, suuru (patience, coolness, calmness) is not a state that you reach as much as it is a state that you constantly work towards. Keeping a cool head as often as you possibly can was a revered & divine goal among our Ancestors. They viewed the ability to remain calm & keep your wits about you as a divine & lifelong goal. I think the key to maintaining this mindset, is the understanding that-The Universe Has Your Back. You are the precious baby girl of the Universe and it delights in making sure you have all that you want. And you know that this is true because you’re still here. You’ve defeated everything that was meant to destroy you. Look back at the challenges you’ve overcome & it’s clear that you had divine supernatural help to get to right where you are now. That help is available to you always. That help is your birthright. You are supported, you are covered, you are protected & You Belong…🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤Ecstasy, Abundance & Bliss

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Can I purchase this pillow. I need this in my office/sacred space

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Just purchased.


I love this. And, it’s important to recognize the difference between this and righteous anger. Anger is not a bad emotion. But, too often it is acted out in fear and that leads to violence. And, to be clear, violence doesn’t have to be physical. Most often, it is not. We are usually cutting each other to the white meat. The struggle for me is that my entire life I acted out of fear, too. I told myself if I gave up, people couldn’t give up on me. And, now that I am turning to witchcraft and ancestral practices and finding my power is within me, I feel more peace when things come my way. I’m not perfect by any…


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