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The Magick of Learning

Ifa says may we not be as uninformed today as we were yesterday. I am often struck by how essential learning is for self improvement. Those who want to do better, reach higher, perform at higher levels must learn how to do so. Our bodies & our minds are creatures of habit. Without learning, they will fall into a pattern & be stuck there indefinitely. It is learning that allows them to create new pathways & take new routes & ultimately become a whole new thing. I teach because I love to learn , to improve, to grow, to reach towards my absolute highest potential & to become the highest self that I can possibly be in this lifetime. Ifa says human beings become Orisa. Those who reach an elevated status while in human form will be elevated to Orisa once they return to the spiritual realm, godhood-being an Orisa is my goal- I will accept nothing less. And so I teach , I learn & I grow continuously. It is my pleasure & honor to offer you the opportunity to do the same.


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Omi Ire
Omi Ire
Aug 11, 2022

I enjoy learning too. I always feel like the more I stretch my mind and body the closer I am to my most inner truth. Plus, I like a challenge.


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