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Unconditional SELF Love

I came across an idea this weekend that I’m going to explore further. Unconditional SELF love. I used to live by the belief that only my momma & my children were entitled to my unconditional love & even then only up to a certain point. But this weekend I heard a podcaster use the term unconditional self love, she didn’t elaborate on it but I let my mind run free with the thought & begin to conjure images of what that would look like in my life. This is what I envisioned ~pouring love all over my flaws, my mistakes, my shortcomings. Loving myself however I exist in that moment & not waiting for the ideal number on the scale or good hair days or perfect skin days to speak kindly to myself & shower me with affection & compliments. Loving myself through conflicts with others & not shaming myself for my reactions & interactions. Knowing that my actions are good & not judging myself by some imaginary goal set by systems that don’t recognize my humanity. Acknowledging & centering my need for sleep, for peace, for water, for nourishing foods and not putting these needs on hold while I do ‘more important’ things. Listening to my body…peeing when I get the urge, not holding it till I ‘have time.’ Sleeping when I’m tired instead of trying to ‘catch up’ on sleep on less busy days. Exploring those things that fascinate me by visiting museums & exhibits & natural wonders & festivals…I could go on…but the thought that I was STILL putting soooo many of my own needs & desires on the back burner really encouraged me to begin the work of embracing unconditional SELF love …🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

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