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African Spirituality is Embodied

“the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” …according to abrahamic traditions your physical body is the root of much of your wrong doing. you want to be better but your flesh is weak & prone to wickedness. Nothing could be farther from the traditional African view of the body. Your body is the home your ori (spiritual self) built to live in. The body is an extension of your spirit & is intimately connected to your spirit. Your body also mirrors your spirit. Any acute illness your body experiences has a spiritual cause. And any spiritual growth you make will result in a healthier more beautiful body. Our Ancestors knew that actions done to the body impacted the spirit & therefore ALL of our rituals are enacted on the body. In order to fully embrace west African spirituality it is essential to love & take exquisitely good care of your body. It is essential to understand that the body is not wicked or lowly or weak or sinful. Your body is not lower than your spirit, they are integral parts of one another. Proper care & feeding & testing of your body are offerings to your Ancestors & EarthMotherOnile & the orisha. Because a well taken care of body makes you a kinder, happier & more powerful being on EarthMotherOnile & in the spirit realm. Don’t neglect your body…🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

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